Beatles songwriting and recording database schema

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The Beatles : day-by-day, song-by-song, record-by-record

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List of songs recorded by the Beatles

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Here, there and everywhere : my life recording the music of the Beatles

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Apr 23,  · Mix - How to WRITE and RECORD songs like The Beatles YouTube; The Beatles - The End Lesson by Mike Pachelli - Duration: Songwriting Secret: Delay The Tonic | From the Beatles to the Biebs!

Beatles Ultimate Experience: Songwriting & Recording Database: QUICK MENU: SELECT BY ALBUM TITLE: PLEASE PLEASE ME I Saw Her Standing There Misery / Anna (Go To Him) Chains / Boys Ask Me Why Please Please Me Love Me Do P.S.

I Love You Baby It's You Do You Want To Know A Secret? A Taste Of Honey. SPARQL queries of Beatles recording sessions.

The Word (song)

While listening to the song Dear Life on the new Beck album, I wondered who played the piano on the Beatles' Martha My Dear. A and some regular expressions, I could, dare I say it, convert all these listings to an RDF database of everyone who played on everything, then do some really cool.

Oct 07,  · Chat about the Beatles' songs, albums, people, places, photos and more, with like-minded fans from around the world! Menu. John's songwriting process | Fab Forum John actually says the hook of this at the end of the final Mind Games recording.

Aug 24,  · "The first book of the four-book series, The Beatles Recording Reference Manuals, "My Bonnie" through "Beatles For Sale" tracks the evolution of the band from their earliest recordings and iniital hits, through Please Please Me, With The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night and Beatles For Sale.".

on songwriting (during the 'with the beatles' period) PAUL "If an idea does pop in your mind, then you do sit down and say, 'Let's do it.' If there are no ideas and say we've been told we've got a recording date in about two days time, then you got to sit down and sort of slug it out.

Beatles songwriting and recording database schema
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