Do s and don ts of an intern

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You shouldn't take out your ideas on your work or worse, your co-workers. You must examine an internship, paint like you had to earn your goal at your time. Don't pass up opportunities to have experiences beyond the regular scope of the internship that lead to chances to learn more about the company or industry.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. And do be open to learning new skills and methodologies. To make sure that the expectations of an internship are the same for both of these parties, read below our Internship Program Do’s and Don’ts.

Internship Do's and Don'ts

Do Establish goals for the internship program. Internships did not only keep me afloat but helped build my whole career post-MBA.

I did 4 internships across 4 years before I landed into the job that I am doing today.

Internship Do's and Don'ts

Yeah, it was a tough time. Do review this list of internship dos and don’ts while you’re interviewing and then again once you’re hired.

To make the most of your internship, it’s important to keep these tips in mind. To make the most of your internship, it’s important to keep these tips in mind. Dos and Don'ts of Hiring an Intern. An internship can be a mutually beneficial experience for both your company and the intern.

As the small business owner, you get an extra helping hand who is eager to impress, and the intern gets a great learning experience. Internship don'ts. These very simple things are often overlooked by students who do not realize how important a successful internship can be to their career.

Don’t pass on an opportunity to gain experience beyond the official scope of your internship.


It’s good to be proactive and go above and beyond what is .

Do s and don ts of an intern
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