Fordism and taylorism as a modern modes of organizing labour

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What was special about Ford (and what ultimately separates Fordism from Taylorism), was his vision, his explicit recognition that mass production meant mass consumption, a new system of the reproduction of labour power, a new politics of labour control and management, a new aesthetics and psychology, in short, a new kind of rationalized.

Bob Jessop ‘Fordism and post-Fordism: a critical reformulation’, in A.J. Scott and M.J. Storper, eds, Pathways to distinguish Fordism from Taylorism in the labour process or Fordism from Sloanism in corporate the key problem here is the wide variation in the modes of regulation compatible with Fordism considered as an accumulation.

In the last hundred years, the most significant markers in the development of the social division of labour are the successive management ideologies which achieved dominance: Taylorism, Fordism and Toyotism.

The division of labour is the forgotten category of classical political economy. Yet the present transformation of the industrial economies turns in large part on the relentless expansion of the division of labour and the difficulties created for the orchestration of production systems.

Like labour process theorists, autonomists see relations between labour and capital as ineluctably conflictual, but they begin their analysis of this relation with labour’s resistance and search for autonomy, a force which their hypothesis suggests anticipates and provokes capitalist restructuring.

Fordism and taylorism as a modern modes of organizing labour
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