Greek and roman civilizations

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Ancient Greek civilization

Classical antiquity (also the classical era, classical period or classical age) is the period of cultural history between the 8th century BC and the 5th or 6th century AD centered on the Mediterranean Sea, comprising the interlocking civilizations of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, collectively known as the Greco-Roman is the period in which Greek and Roman society flourished and.

The Incas was the largest Empire in South America in the Pre-Columbian era.

Ancient Greece

This civilization flourished in the areas of present-day Ecuador, Peru, and Chile and had its administrative, military and political center located at Cusco which lies in modern-day Peru. History of Europe - Greeks, Romans, and barbarians: The main treatment of Classical Greek and Roman history is given in the articles Aegean civilizations; ancient Greek civilization; Hellenistic Age; ancient Italic people; and ancient Rome.

Only a brief cultural overview is offered here, outlining the influence of Greeks and Romans on European.

Classical antiquity

Asclepius, Greco-Roman marble statue C1st-2nd A.D., State Hermitage Museum ASKLEPIOS (Asclepius) was the god of medicine. He was also the patron god, and reputed ancestor, of the Asklepiades (Asclepiades), the ancient guild of doctors.

Both Greece and Rome are probably most famous for the mythological stories, which developed from both civilizations. Â However, it is believed that the stories from the Greek culture, were adopted by the Romans with minor changes to names and certain situations.

 An example is the famous manuscript The Iliad, produced by the Greeks. This period lays the foundation for much of civilization as we know it today. The classical Greeks lay the cultural foundation for Western civilization.

The Achaemenid Persians under Cyrus unify much of the Middle East and Egypt. Alexander the Great unifies Greece with Persia. Later, the Roman Empire dominates the Mediterranean and Europe.

Greek and roman civilizations
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