Issue of conflict in juno and

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'Juno'? Main conflict in the movie?

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Horses of the theory:. The inner emotional conflict that Juno feels is more than enough to carry the story forward. You've perhaps mistaken the lack of external conflict for an absence of all conflict. Juno's inner journey is riddled with emotional conflict that any young woman and most human beings can relate to.

During the second and third trimesters of Juno's pregnancy which she treats with care but detachment, Juno's relationships with her family, with Paulie, and with the Lorings develop, the latter whose on the surface perfect life masks some hidden problems.

Juno and Paulie were not in any kind of formal relationship, at least, not at the beginning of the movie, when they had sex and Juno got pregnant. While Juno and Paulie do engage in casual sex, Juno is never called an offensive name, nor does it ever mention that she.

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I've tried to clean installation of JUNO on separate workspace. Any ideas? Report message. Conflict Styles. Conflict is often best understood by examining the consequences of various behaviors at moments in time.

These behaviors are usefully categorized according to conflict styles.


Each style is a way to meet one's needs in a dispute but may impact other people in different ways. The movie Juno is a fairytale about a pregnant teenager who decides to have her baby, place it for adoption and then get on with her life.

There are no tears when she finds out she's expecting and.

Issue of conflict in juno and
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