Krishna devaraya and harshavardhana

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List of Sources of Vijayanagar Empire

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Unit 4: The Rajputs – chauhans –. 3. The war which led to the establishment of Mughal Empire in India A. I Panipat war B. II Panipat war C. III Panipat war D. Kanwa war. Answer. Paes praises Krishnadevaraya as, “the most feared and perfect King a great ruler and a man of much justice”.

Indian History

The rule of Krishnadevaraya was an age of good literature in many languages. But it is known as a golden age of Telugu literature.

Almatti Dam

1 31 5/31/ 12 5/30/ 2 28 5/30/ 15 5/30/ 3 38 5/30/ 16 5/30/ 4 20 5/30/ 17 5/30/ 5 34 5/30/ Harshavardhana was a powerful Indian ruler in the 7th Century, who ruled from to CE. Jul 01,  · Later, when Vijayanagara Dynasty was established, Samrat Krishna Devaraya gifted this place to Keladi King Chaudappa Nayaka.

One can see an ancient port in the forest around these temples in Kalasi with wells, ponds and the drainage system of that time.

THE HINDU EMPIRE OF THE SOUTH Krishna devaraya and harshavardhana
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