La pianiste and hanekes alternative representation

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I find that totally perverse. as he does to the transactions in stores. La Pianiste was shown in competition at the Cannes Film Festival, where Isabelle Huppert and Benoit Maginel were named Best Actress and Best Actor, and writer/director Michael Haneke received the Jury's Grand Prize.8/ La Pianiste is the most popular and recognized of your films thus far.

Do you feel that it best represents your sensibility and development as a film-maker? I wouldn't say this, since the idea isn't mine but based on a novel, whereas my other films come from my own ideas. The way that people marginalize others, putting them completely off the radar screen, may be an accurate reflection of life in Los Angeles, but this has such a contrived, cynical view of human nature, creating automatic caricatures of racial strife rather than allowing any real life to breathe out of this film.

Scott. I think that the things that are going well in society are difficult to present dramatically. Representation is always about "showing. I think irs absolutely disgusting to show that. We live in this environment where we think we know more things faster. of both media representation.

(Paris: Seuil, ); and Jean-Luc Einaudi, La bataille de Paris: 17 octobre (Paris: Seuil, ) are alternative historiographies that raise concerns about individual and national responsibility for the atrocities committed in the past, memory, and recognition of guilt.

La pianiste and hanekes alternative representation
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