Left handedness and 51 per cent minority

Left- and right-hand traffic

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Hand preference, performance abilities, and hand selection in children

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Around 10 per cent of people are left-handed, a phenomenon more common among men than women. Until quite recently, left-handedness was seen as sinister, the Latin word for left. Left-handedness and per-cent Minority Essay 51 per-cent minority Harsh Patel “The per-cent minority” by Doris Anderson Compares treatment of women to Quebecers, residence of Atlantic Provinces, left handed people, Doctors, Blacks and Indians.

NOTE. The estimated gross cost of the preparation of the appended Report (including the expenses of the witnesses and members of the Committee is £1, 0s 0d, of which £ 0s 0d represents the gross cost of printing and publishing this Report.

These findings confirm other studies, which suggest a "natural" frequency of left-handedness in most populations of between eight and 15 per cent.

There is no suggestion that more left-handers are. A disturbing development. Posted by Jim on September 1, “ The Good Friday Agreement promised a ‘ new beginning to policing.’ Some new beginning!

Left handedness and 51 per cent minority
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