Lisa bright and dark

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Lisa, Bright and Dark

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Lisa Bright And Dark

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Lisa, Bright and Dark was like The Bell Jar's little sister, an easier-to-read, less literary, slightly less harrowing look at mental illness, meant for younger readers. At age sixteen, Lisa Shilling has a serious mental illness. She has good days, when she is bright and cheerful, but she also has dark days, which occur with increasing frequency, when her behavior.

Susie Bright. AUTHOR, EDITOR, PUBLISHER. Editor, Santa Cruz Noir, Akashic Press, Co-Author with Aretha Bright, Mother/Daughter Sex Advice, Bright Stuff, We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Mar 16,  · Lisa, Bright and Dark () - Kay Lenz. Lisa, Bright and Dark () - Kay Lenz.

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Lisa bright and dark
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