Military deployment and children

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Military Families

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Children in the military

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Military Children Scholarships

There are million school-age children with military parents in the United States, and approximately 90% attend public schools. Studies estimate that 2 million US children have been exposed to a wartime deployment of a military parent in the past 10 years.

Some of those children experienced repeat deployments of a parent while other children experienced both parents being deployed. Military children qualify for scholarships from state and governments, private veterans’ organizations and community programs.

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Communicating about your deployment in such terms will make your child take pride in their parent's military service and understand the meaning of the mission. During Deployment Kids will feel a sense of loss and emptiness with your departure.

This video program is designed specifically for older children and adolescents as they face military deployment in their family. This product was developed by military pediatricians and adolescent medicine specialists to help military youth understand that they are not alone as.

Children of the Deployed. View a montage of testimonies of military students, describing their feelings on what it is like being part of a military family. See Military Family Resources for additional information from organizations that support military families.

Children of Military Families - Dealing with Deployment Military deployment and children
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