Professional commuication and culturally sensitive nursing

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Provide a documented policy for arguments to review, discuss, and revise to. At its foundation, Communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, and is the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media, and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific, and aesthetic inquiry.

So, heed the need to become culturally sensitive before making an interpretation of body language that might or might not inform you of what the individual actually thinks. This also applies to other nonverbal interpretation of a coworker's thinking or meaning.

Women's Health Care Physicians

Effective Communication: Barriers and Strategies. Try to be sensitive to the complexities of situations, rather than viewing the world in black and white.

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Nonverbal Communication With Workplace Interactions

Nursing students need to prepare for work in a culturally diverse healthcare setting and should receive education and training in this area to ensure ongoing personal and professional development. Nursing. Reprinted from Toward Culturally Competent Care: A Toolbox for Teaching Communication Strategies by permission of the Center for Health Professions, University of California, San Francisco, Inequality in Patient Communication.

Knowing the patient as an individual. Patients value healthcare professionals acknowledging their individuality and the unique way in which each person experiences a condition and its impact on their life.

Recognising and respecting patients’ cultural diversity Professional commuication and culturally sensitive nursing
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