Romanticism and transcendentalism

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Transcendentalism, 19th-century movement of writers and philosophers in New England who were loosely bound together by adherence to an idealistic system of thought based on a belief in the essential unity of all creation, the innate goodness of humanity, and the supremacy of insight over logic and experience for the revelation of the deepest truths.

Romanticism and transcendentalism are closely related.

Transcendentalism Philosophy

However, there are certain concepts that are emphasized in both. These may be views on a person’s individuality, nature, philosophies, or spirituality. Romanticism started in. First and foremost, Romanticism is concerned with the individual more than with society.

The individual consciousness and especially the individual imagination are especially fascinating for the Romantics.


SparkNotes are the most helpful study guides around to literature, math, science, and more. Find sample tests, essay help, and translations of Shakespeare. Transcendentalism and Romanticism were two literary movements that occurred in America during roughly the same time period (—).

A Look at American Romanticism vs. Transcendentalism: Literary & Philosophical Movements

Although the two had surface similarities, such as their reverence for nature, their founding beliefs were quite different, enough to make one seem almost the antithesis of the other. Transcendentalism is a philosophical movement that developed in the late s and s in the eastern United States.

Dark romanticism

It arose as a reaction to protest against the general state of intellectualism and spirituality at the time. The doctrine of the Unitarian church as taught at Harvard Divinity School was of particular interest. Transcendentalism emerged from "English and German Romanticism.

Romanticism and transcendentalism
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