Sound source separation azimuth discrimination and resynthesis

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Sound Source Separation: Azimuth Discrimination and Resynthesis

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Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

An important application of vocal source separation is the extraction of melody. Based on the assumption that vocals carry the main melody, one could apply mono. The Azimuth Discrimination and Resynthesis algorithm (ADRess), has been shown to produce high quality sound source separation results for intensity panned stereo recordings.

There are however, artefacts such as phasiness which become apparent in the separated signals under certain conditions. References D. Barry, B. Lawlor, E.

Sound Source Separation: Azimuth Discriminiation and Resynthesis

Coyle, Sound source separation: Azimuth discrimination and resynthesis, in: 7th Conference on Digital Audio. 1. Spatial separation (two ears to differentiate sound source), 2. Improved discrimination, 3. Unmasking (via efferent control) Using earphones, where is the fused Binaural image lateralized to?

The center of the head: How can we independently manipulate sound going to the right and the left ear, for the purpose of research? By using earphones. Binaural speech intelligibility of individual listeners under realistic conditions was predicted using a model consisting of a gammatone filter bank, an independent equalization-cancellation (EC) process in each frequency band, a gammatone resynthesis, and the speech intelligibility index (SII).

Sound Source Separation • “Cocktail party effect” o ADRess (Azimuth Discrimination and Resynthesis) [Barry04] o Artificial stereo panning retains phase and only changes amplitude between channels →.

Sound source separation azimuth discrimination and resynthesis
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