Tar and feathering

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Tarred with the same brush

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Tarring and feathering

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Tarring and Feathering

The practice of applying hot tar and a coating of feathers to one's opponents was largely an American practice. The intent was clearly to intimidate. more fascinating facts from the HistoryWiz archives. Tarring and Feathering: Tarring and Feathering was a punishment that went back to the Middle Ages with Richard the Lionhearted and the Crusades.


The first record is in Q From David Fosse: I used the phrase, tarred with the same brush recently, meaning, guilty of the same behavior, or acting in the same manner as someone else, or likely to be considered the same as someone else because of similar behavior.

I was speaking to a black colleague at the time. I suddenly. Concise information on who were the Loyalists of the American Revolution including their motivation, numbers, distribution, treatment and migration, all with links to further detail.

Tar and feathering
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