Understanding diabetes and its complications

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Journal of Diabetes Research

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Understanding the glycaemic index

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Nigeria: Understanding Diabetes and Its Complications

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Diabetes and its Effect on People Diabetes can be frustrating and stressful for everybody involved - the person with diabetes, their family and friends, their colleagues, their flat-mates and their other carers.

Understanding Diabetes. Like. up. users have voted. It aims to build on that understanding in exploring: 1. The typical profile of a patient with Type 2 diabetes mellitus, 2. The biology behind the symptoms and complications of Type 2 diabetes mellitus, 3.

Proposed mechanisms of insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetes mellitus, as. understanding diabetes and its complications Essay - Understanding Diabetes and Its Complications An estimated 16 million people in the United States have diabetes-more than one third are not aware that they have the disease.

Education about diabetes is essential to understanding the disease and preventing its complications. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic, systemic disturbance in the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fat (ADA, Medical Management 3).

Diabetes Mellitus and its Management brief pathophysiology of diabetes and its complications, a good knowledge of which is fundamental since it leads to a clear understanding of the factors to be considered when choosing the appropriate therapy for the individual patient.

Over time, type 1 diabetes complications can affect major organs in your body, including heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and kidneys. Maintaining a normal blood sugar level can dramatically reduce the risk of many complications.

Eventually, diabetes complications may be .

Understanding diabetes and its complications
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Understanding Diabetes and Its Complications - Essay